Lausen, 14 September 2016

Ronda Normtech 756

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“Elegance is not about being noticed,
it’s about being remembered.”

Giorgio Armani

After the relaxing summer break, Ronda has already been back at the wheel for several weeks. However, In this Newsletter, the “corrector” is more the focal point than the “wheel”. – But read about it yourself!

Best Fall wishes from Lausen

Erich Mosset – CEO     
Chris Scholer - MD, Ronda Ltd. Hong Kong

Topic Overview


Profile caliber 756

Simple designs are back in fashion!

Are you already planning projects for elegant timekeepers or fine jewelry watches? With the Ronda Normtech caliber 756 you will have the ideal core piece for creations, in which you would favor aesthetics over the stem.

Features caliber 756
- Size 5½‘‘‘, movement height 3.10 mm
- 2 hands
- Electronic time setting, perceptible pressure point
- Comfortable and precise time setting in three steps
- 60 months battery-life 

Available in the following versions
- Swiss Made, gold plated with 4 jewels
- Swiss Parts, nickel plated with 1 jewel


Flyer & technical info

Flyer 756
You can find the key features, including a short user's manual at Flyer-Download.

Technical specifications and drawings
The following link will take you to the website product page. Here you will find all the technical information and documentation about the 756.

Caliber 756 at


Samples and deliveries

Sample movements
Would you like to know more? Please get in touch with your Ronda sales person to receive a sample in the next few days.

We shall be able to deliver orders for Swiss Made or Swiss Parts movements as of second quarter of 2017. Please send us your requirements as soon as possible, so that we can confirm your preferred delivery deadline.