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Swissness 2017 - Update

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The introduction of the new Swissness Law is making progress and its implementation in 2017 seems to go without saying.
We bring you the latest information on this subject, and we hope that you are on course with your own preparations.

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Topic Overview

Latest facts

Swissness law status

The new Swissness legislation was accepted by Parliament in July 2013. According to this, the Federal Executive Council, in its capacity as the executive institution, is commissioned to define the law in detail and introduce it. This preparation work has already been underway for two years. It is foreseen that the work will be completed towards the end of this year.

However, in order for this to happen, another generally accepted regulation for industry and a specific ruling for the watch branch must be drafted. The Federal Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern is responsible for this task and the Federal Executive Council has the final decision on its introduction.

Regardless of the fact that the process is not yet complete and that some details are still to be resolved, the Government is neverthless planning to introduce it in 2017. – In addition, there is to be a two-year transition period to allow the clearance of old stocks.

» Link to the information available from the Institute of Intellectual Property


Hesitation due to exchange rate problems?

In connection with the uncoupling of the Swiss franc from the Euro in January this year, there have been a number of initiatives in Parliament to take this new financial situation into account in the Swissness developments. A large part of Swiss industry, and in particular the many SMBs, is labouring under this hugely increased burden to export marketing. The objective was to obtain an adjournment of the new Swissness legislation, or the simplification of its implementation, in order not to increase the burden to industry on top of the exchange rate difficulties. However, these proposals were rejected.

Even though all of these initiatives have not yet been processed, it is clear that the new Swissness legislation is expected to come into force on 1st January 2017.

In this regard, we ask our valued customers to undertake their necessary measures swiftly, in order to absorb the impact of the new law.

Frequent questions

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As uncertainties regarding the guidelines and deadlines of the new law continue to persist, here is a link, which provides further answers to specific questions:

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