Lausen, 23 September 2014

Autumn Newsletter

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In keeping with the time of year, we are pleased to present a colourful bouquet of information, from product range news to technical enhancements and new services from the Ronda Time Center.

We wish you an interesting read!

Erich Mosset - CEO
Chris Scholer - Managing Director

Topic Overview

New Products

Xtratech Z60 in Swiss Parts

Our xtratech Z60 13¼''' day-date chronograph will also be available in a Swiss Parts version from 2015 onwards. Apart from its “Swiss Parts” marking, the new version will be identical to the existing Swiss Made version in product specification terms.

Like to make an inquiry or receive an offer?
Then please contact your personal sales consultant at Ronda Hong Kong directly or via:

Phone +852 2542 0249
Fax +852 2854 2124

If you are based in Europe, then please contact Ermano GmbH in Germany, who can be reached at:

Phone +49 7231 1687-0

» Click here for our flyer, product specifications and the campaign

Products in general

6000 series renamed RONDA normtech

Be it in print or online, every customer is looking for information that is clear, well organized and geared to its target group. To meet these needs even better, we will be reducing the size of our next product catalogue, while still retaining all the key information.

What should you know now?
As part of this comprehensive revision, we are incorporating our “mastertech 6000” series of products into our normtech range. As a result, our Ronda website now features all our 6000-series movements under Normtech 700 & 6000 in the Quartz Essentials section.

» Take a look at the new allocation for our 6000 series

Technicals & product development

Optimized seconds-hand steps

We have enhanced our second wheel, intermediate wheel and rotor components to bring even greater precision to each seconds-hand steps.

The improvements relate to the 7¾''' to 11½''' size RONDA normtech 700 series, though not all these products will be modified at the same time. The enhanced components are already being used in the following calibers:
–   7¾'''   772, 773, 774, 775
–   8¾'''   782, 783, 784, 785, 788
– 10½'''   702, 703, 704, 705, 708
– 11½'''   712, 713, 714, 715 & 715 Lithium.

The multifunctionals will follow from January 2015:
– 10½'''   706.1, 706.3 and 706.B

What is important here in terms of watch repairs?
In both the enhanced and the previous version of these movements, the second wheel, intermediate wheel and rotor form a single unit. So when replacing individual components here, please note that the two different versions should not be combined. A production code will be marked on the main plate indicating the version used.

You will find full information in the corresponding Technical Instructions which will be continually revised.

Services – Ronda Time Center

Watches with an individual touch

The Ronda Time Center now offers brand manufacturers an individual engraving service, too. Designs can be engraved on the case back (steel and sapphire-glass), or on the oscillating weight (rotor) for automatic watch models.

What options and benefits does this new service offer?
– creating your individual design
– selecting of over 200 typefaces
– limited editions with serial numbers
– one-stop watch assembly and engraving
   means no additional logistics

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