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Topic Overview

Swissness to take effect in 2017

The Federal Council passes conversion legislation

On 2 September, the Federal Executive Council completed its work in Parliament and approved the regulation law on the Swissness question. This enacted the agreed guidelines on the protection of the “Swiss“ brand name and the Swiss flag.

Although 72 National Council members voted in favour of an adjournment of the Swissness legislation, the political motion of Mr Germann was rejected on 8 September 2015, and the introduction of the Swissness legislation will take effect finally on 1 January, 2017.

Watches produced before this date - according to the existing legislation - can be sold only until the end of 2018.

The method of calculating the minimum 60 percent Swiss production cost content agreed for the industry’s products will be confirmed specifically in the revised brand protection legislation.

Industry ordinance

Revision of the Swiss Made Watch Legislation

The consultation period for the revision of the new Swiss Made Watch Legislation - the so-called industry ordinance – started on 2 September.

A draft adaptation of the “Swiss Made” Watch legislation, prepared by the Association of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, has been checked and amended by the relevant government administrators.
According to the resultant proposal, “Swiss made” watches in future must not only incur at least 60% of their production costs in Switzerland, but in addition, their technical development and that of their movements must take place in Switzerland.
This change in the legislation has the support of the Federal Executive Council which, accordingly, has initiated a corresponding consultation period, which will run until 2 December, 2015.

Information about the use of the name Swiss for watches is not available in English.

It is available in German: Verordnung Benützung Schweizer Namen Uhren.pdf

It is available in French: Ordonnance utilisation nom Suisse montres.pdf

» General information on the 2015 consultation process

Frequent questions

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As uncertainties regarding the guidelines and deadlines of the new law continue to persist, here is a link, which provides further answers to specific questions:

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