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Watches “Made in Switzerland”

Swiss watches are as closely associated with Switzerland as chocolate, cheese or the snow-capped Alps. And the watches we manufacture here are not just highly accurate timekeepers; their top-notch design and innovative inner workings are further key credentials. Swiss watches really do combine traditional expertise with state-of-the-art technology. 

The Ronda Time Center, which is based in Southern Switzerland, assembles such “Swiss Made” watches on behalf of numerous brands from all over the world. The casing up of watches is also known as watch assembly or T2 production.

A Swiss watch is born

To provide the end-customer with a faultless Swiss watch, the first step in the process is to count the components supplied. The dials and cases are also subjected to a thorough visual inspection.  

Once the components have been checked, the watchmaker will assemble a sample watch so that the technical data, such as the precise hand height, can be determined. At the same time, all the components are unpacked and prepared for assembly.

Part-automated assembly with watchmaker’s expertise

The first step in the actual assembly process is to manually set the dials onto the movements. Next come the hands, whose correct fitting is ensured using a semi-automated Lecureux line.
The next step is to check the heights and the correct positioning of the hands.    

After carefully cleaning the watch glasses, the movements are manually cased, and the case backs are closed.

Once this has been done, the assembled watches will be tested for their water resistance up to a pressure of 20 atmospheres or a depth of 200 metres. After this, the date and time will be set in accordance with customer requirements.

Quality control is a vital concern

As part of the same work process, the specialists will also check all the various functions of each particular watch model. A special quality control team inspects all the watch heads for any aesthetic defects, too; and any items which are not up to standard will be removed and given the additional attention required.   

All watches are also subjected to a 24-hour or a 48-hour test for good working, before the last step is reached with the fitting of the strap.

The finished watches are randomly inspected before they are individually packaged and packed.

Shipping worldwide

Once this is done, the coveted “Swiss Made” watches are ready to be shipped, and will be sent to any destination the customer may request, all over the world.

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