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Schweiz – Swiss Made – Swissness

Precision, reliability, quality 

Products that are manufactured in Switzerland are bywords for precision, reliability and high quality. That’s why the “Swiss Made” label enjoys such an excellent reputation – not just within Switzerland but all over the globe.  

Swiss-made watches are particularly popular, and have long gained “must-have” status in discerning lifestyle circles. Any wristwatch that incorporates a Swiss quartz movement is entitled to be marketed worldwide with the prestigious “Swiss Made” label.

Committed to its Switzerland home 

As a Swiss family business, Ronda will remain firmly committed to its own Swiss roots. As well as our comprehensive range of high-quality quartz movements, we also offer our customers a full Swiss Made watch assembly service at our RONDA TIME CENTER.

If you’d like to know more about the stipulations attached to the “Swiss Made“ appellation for watches and watch movements, you’ll find these in the Swiss Made ordinance, which has formed the basis for such appellations within Switzerland's watchmaking industry since 1971.

"Swiss Made" regulations

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