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Customer support

From watch movements to design studies

When a watch manufacturer develops a new collection, a wide range of its business units are involved, from Management to Design to Procurement. The extensive choice of watch movements available only adds to the complexity. That’s why more and more customers are coming to appreciate the way Ronda visually demonstrates all the creative options which are offered by its quartz watch movements.

Sample watches to show complex functions

Did you know that Ronda has developed and brought to market over 30 new watch movements in the last nine years? They’ve almost all been complex high-quality products of the “Startech” and “Mastertech” lines. So as well as the various functions offered, the arrangement of these on the dial also plays a vital part in the design of the finished watch product.
Design studies provide visual impressions of such considerations, along with possible variations in size and layout terms. Needless to say, though, a tangible product will still convey far more than an image. So we also produce sample watches using selected movement models. All these activities in the watch design process are greatly appreciated by our customers.

Ronda actively supports the product development process

Watch manufacturers today are increasingly seeking individual advice and specific solutions in their product development. We maintain personal dialogues with our customers, discussing trends and projects to determine which of our various Ronda movements is best suited to each product strategy and philosophy.
We put a strong emphasis on sharing our quartz watch movement expertise, to ensure that the producers make full use of all potential to launch new watch models with the best market prospects.

Company tours for customers and partners

Ronda offers exclusive visits to its premises for its customers and further partners, to give them a first-hand insight into the various processes involved in developing and manufacturing its innovative watch movements.

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