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New law

Swissness as of 2017/2019

In Switzerland the preparations for introducing the new “Swissness” law are in full swing.


Services - Ronda Time Center

Assembly of mechanical watches

As well as quartz watch movements by Ronda or other brands, the Ronda Time Center also offers customers services for processing and casing mechanical watch movements.


Ronda Time Center

Watches with an Individual Touch

The Ronda Time Center now offers brand manufacturers an individual engraving service, too.


Is a movement from Ronda ticking inside your watch?

Ronda produces watch movements of outstanding quality and innovative design and operates in the B2B-segment exclusively. Famous watch manufacturers around the world number among our customers.
Our Products can be found inside brand name watches ranging from elegant an sporty timepieces, to stylish fashion accessories to luxurious models.
Maybe, a high precision quartz movement from Ronda is also ticking away inside in your watch.


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