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Quartz movements – “Ronda inside”

All too often, the heart of a watch – its movement – is unfairly overlooked. Yet a watch’s design is strongly influenced by the movement, including its functions and their arrangement on the dial.

Quartz Specials

The „Quartz Specials“ comprise mostly complex calibers, such as chronographs and sophisticated multifunctions like alarm, 2nd time zone and retrograde. These quartz movements are engineered for stylish timepieces and watches with high functionality and particularly unique designs.
Besides a full range of Swiss Made movements, some selected products are also available in a Swiss Parts version, assembled in the Far East.

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RONDA startech

Multifunctions as well as numerous quartz chronographs with various calendar systems.

startech movements

RONDA mastertech

High quality quartz movements with big date, multifunctions, chronographs and retrogrades.

mastertech movements

Quartz Essentials

The „Quartz Essentials“ stand for a number of reliable quality calibers. The collection ranges from a vast variety of standard and special functions in sizes between 5½’’’ and 11½’’ to very small and slim models. Moreover, it also offers an attractive quartz chronograph. 
Most calibers are to come as Swiss Made movements as well as Swiss Parts movements.

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RONDA xtratech

A Swiss Made movement that offers everything a chronograph needs, no more and no less.

xtratech movements

RONDA slimtech

Extra small and slim movements for exclusive styles.

slimtech movements

RONDA normtech

Quartz movements with a vast variety of standard and special functions in sizes between 5½''' and 11½'''.

normtech movements

RONDA powertech

Affordable metal movements for reliable quality watches.

powertech movements

Innovative with high standards of quality

The market today calls for increasingly complex functions and innovative movements that enable them to create the most sophisticated watch models. There is an equally strong demand, too, for extremely accurate products that are made to the highest quality standards. So it’s good that, when devising and developing new quartz movements, Ronda’s teams keep a firm and clear focus on their customers’ success.

Watchmakers can choose from a wide range of high-quality Ronda movements that meet even the most discerning demands in design and quality terms. 

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Swiss Made movements

Ronda produces and sells movements for wrist watches. The label “Swiss Made movement” is protected by law and reads as following:

Definition of the Swiss watch movement as of 2017

To be regarded as a Swiss movement, the movement must:

a) have undergone technical development in Switzerland: 
    1. for exclusively mechanical movements, at least mechanical construction
    and prototyping of the movement as a whole, 
    2. for movements that are not exclusively mechanical, at least mechanical
    construction and prototyping of the movement as a whole, together with
    the conception of the printed circuit or circuits, conception of the display 
and conception of the software;

b) have been assembled in Switzerland; 
c) have been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and 
d) at least 60% of the manufacturing costs must be generated in Switzerland
e) and at least 50% of the value of all the constituent parts, but excluding the cost of assembly, must be of Swiss manufacture.

More about Swiss Made and Swissness

Swiss Parts movements

Apart from the Swiss Made movements, a selection of the product range is also being offered as “Swiss Parts” version. These calibers are being assembled in the Far East.

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