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Swiss technology in Thailand

Ronda expanded its business operations to Thailand in 1990, in a move that was primarily motivated by the attractive terms offered to foreign investors and by the positive local working attitudes.

Ronda Thailand, which is based in South Bangkok, manufactures various watch components and also assembles “Swiss Parts” movements.

The operation has been steadily expanded over the last years and now extends to three buildings, a spacious staff restaurant and a sports facility. The company’s own staff transport services are a further benefit that is extensively used by Ronda Thailand’s employees.


Comprehensive technical expertise

Ronda Thailand’s metalworking units are a key element in the company’s production activities. The personnel here can draw on extensive expertise and many years of experience in manufacturing plates, wheels and coils. The coil manufacturing process entails wrapping the thin copper wire around the coil’s core at high rotation speeds.

Microelectronics in a high-tech environment

The company’s chip-on-board technology is applied in clean rooms, i.e. under almost clinical conditions. The process here involves bonding semiconductor chips directly onto a motherboard. The finished electronic modules contain all the controls that the corresponding watch movement requires.

Swiss-technology movements

Ronda Thailand’s “Swiss Parts” watch movements are assembled on semi-automated production lines. The two-shift working model adopted here provides superior logistical flexibility that in turn permits swift and short-notice responses to changing market needs. All the finished movements are checked to the highest standards using the AQL quality system, and are sold worldwide via Ronda Hong Kong.


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