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Watch movement assembly in Southern Switzerland

Early in Ronda’s life, all the company’s Swiss watch movements were assembled in Lausen near Basel. Despite constant expansions of the site, however, by the early 1970s capacity could no longer keep pace with demand. In view of this, Ronda turned its attention to Southern Switzerland. First the company entrusted part of its movement assembly business to an outside partner. A few years later a joint venture was established with the Reglatronic company. And in the 1990s this was in turn superseded by the foundation of a new Ronda subsidiary, Farone SA, in Stabio (Canton Ticino).

State-of-the-art facilities

Not long after the turn of the millennium, even Farone’s assembly capacity was exhausted. In response, a new facility was planned and built in a short time. The advanced new 6,000-square-metre Stabio production facility commenced operations in summer 2008.

The Stabio operation provides attractive employment opportunities for the surrounding region – especially for young Italians, as the Swiss-Italian border is just a few steps away.


Creating a “Swiss Made” watch movement

All the components needed to manufacture Swiss watch movements are produced in their thousands by Ronda AG in Lausen and delivered to the Stabio operation. Here they are used by the firm’s skilled and experienced staff to produce quartz watch movements from scratch on its own assembly lines. 

Certified quality

All the assembled movements are systematically subjected to an AQL quality check. Some types of movement undergo temperature testing, too. Once they have passed all their various quality checks, the finished products are dispatched to Lausen head office. And from there these “Swiss Made” movements are shipped to watch manufacturers all over the world.

ATIO - attractive training opportunities

In view of the dynamic development of the watch industry in the Canton of Ticino, the Watch Industry Association of the Ticino ATIO was founded in December 2014. The Farone Company is a founding member of this association.

Our joint aim is to create an attractive training centre for watchmakers, which will be managed by experienced staff. We hope to appeal not just to
locally-based people, who are interested and would like to become
qualified through a specially orientated further training programme, in order
to take advantage of newly created job opportunities.

If you believe you are such a person, please apply directly to the ATIO.

ATIO – un‘ attrattiva possibilità di formazione

Considerato il dinamico sviluppo dell’industria orologiera in Canton Ticino, a dicembre 2014 è stata fondata l’Associazione ticinese dell’industria orologiera ATIO. La Ditta Farone è membro fondatore dell’associazione.

Il nostro obiettivo comune è quello di creare un centro attrattivo di formazione per orologiai CFO gestito da personale esperto. Così facendo, ci auguriamo di richiamare l’attenzione di tutte le persone - non solo locali - interessate all’ottenimento di una specializzazione mirata, utile per trovare nuovi posti di lavoro.

Gli interessati possono rivolgersi direttamente all’ATIO.

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