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2001 – 2010: Growth through innovation

New chronographs conquer the market

The launch of the Startech line in 2003 was a particularly revolutionary development. With their modular credentials, the new multifunction movements and chronographs offered customers unparallelled flexibility and diversity, and enabled Ronda to add several brands in the higher price segment to its customer base.        

Expansion at the Lausen head office

Buoyed by favourable business trends and strong demand for top-class Swiss Made watch movements, Ronda was able to effect sizeable investments, including the further expansion in 2004 of its Lausen production facilities. Major investments were also made at the same time in the company’s customized CNC milling machines.

A new profile-turning facility in the Jura

For strategic reasons – to secure its profile-turning capacity and further expand its expertise – Ronda acquired its long-standing partner Zwahlen SA in 2007. This latest subsidiary of the Ronda Group is based in Court in Canton Jura, Switzerland.

Movement manufacture and watch assembly under one roof

It wasn’t long after its establishment until Ronda’s Farone movement assembly operation in Southern Switzerland began to reach the limits of its capacity, prompting the planning and construction of an additional facility. The advanced 6,000-square-metre production unit started operations in 2008. The new building is also home to the Ronda Time Center’s watch assembly activities.

A third manufacturing facility in Thailand

The technological developments planned for the Ronda Group’s operations in Thailand called for sizeable infrastructural facilities and a doubling of the existing production area. To this end, a third facility was added in 2009, providing a further 8,000 square metres of capacity. The Ronda Group currently has around 1,500 people working for it in Bangkok.

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