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The Ronda values

Change is the only constant, they say. Values, by contrast, are longer-term affair. And the values we maintain will colour and influence our goals, our attitudes, our conduct and all our actions and activities.

We appreciate our employees

As a dynamic corporate group, we want Ronda to continue to develop in a steady and sustainable way. But how do we intend to achieve this? All our endeavours here are based on one fundamental realization: that our success in the marketplace depends directly on the skilled expertise and the personal dedication of our employees. Our people are our most valuable asset of all! And we are thankful to have about 1800 personnel around the world working for the success of our customers and thus of our company, too.

We adopt a teamwork approach

Just as the cogs in a watch movement must fit together precisely, our smooth interactions in our day-to-day work are a further key factor in Ronda’s consistent success. It’s to this end, too, that we strive to identify the particular skills and talents of each employee and promote these individually as much as we can.

Our efforts to develop, refine and pass on our expertise reap their rewards by providing us with a workforce of highly motivated personnel who put not just their energies but also their ideas and initiative into their daily work.

We practise reciprocal respect

It’s our Ronda policy and philosophy of maintaining maximum transparency, an open working atmosphere and reciprocal respect that enables us to rise with energy and enthusiasm to the challenges that are posed by constant change. And we hope that our delight in our shared success inspires those around us, too.

The employee view

Here’s how people from various parts of our organization feel about working for Ronda.

Tanja Hänggi,
Ebauche Production Operative

I first came to Ronda through a temp agency. It was a Thursday afternoon, I remember, when I arrived for the interview and trial. I had a good impression from the start, and I really liked the work. l found the people very friendly and easy-going, too. I was really surprised when they told me I could start the next day. And then, after six months, I was made a permanent employee. That was in 2008.

Today I work in a special unit devoted to one of our major clients. I’m responsible there for the carousel, which is a machine that allows the barquettes to be worked on with multiple drills and milling machines at the same time.

It’s a great feeling working for Ronda because I see the results of my efforts. And I know that my work lays the foundation for manufacturing a top-quality timekeeping product.

Heiner Waldner,
Head of Production Planning Management 

I’ve been working in Ronda’s Work Preparation unit since December 1994. It’s the “control centre” for everything that’s manufactured here. As well as performing all the production planning, we compile and maintain the components lists and the workplans for every single product. The computer and the phone are both vital to our work in ensuring the smoothest of materials and production flows; because if our planning isn’t as precise as it can possibly be, we may end up with shortages or bottlenecks on the supply side.

Ronda’s a family business that attaches a lot of importance to the way we treat each other. It’s a great company culture – and that’s why so many people have been here for such a long time. It’s also why I identify 200% with the company. I just feel I’m part of it!

Claudio Nani,
Responsible for Punching Tools

Love led me from Sicily to Switzerland. I read an advertisement for the job at the time by chance, in which Ronda was looking for a toolmaker. As a trained precision mechanic, I applied for the position. Meanwhile, I have already celebrated my 20-year anniversary.

Working closely with the designer, I am in the tool-making department and responsible for the assembly of new tools used in movement production. All punching tools are assembled manually. This requires a high degree of precision. Following assembly, I supervise the tests in the punching section. About 5,000 parts are made there for quality-assurance tests. Once everything is perfect, the tools are held in storage until production starts.

I really enjoy my work. It is varied and makes me feel proud to be a part of Ronda, which is known for its high-quality products. There is a great working atmosphere between supervisors and staff. Quite a lot is done for us: Many events are put on that keep us motivated such as annual soccer tournaments, anniversary celebrations or Christmas dinner. In addition, Ronda provides us with work clothes and protective equipment.

Salvatore Arango,
Punch Operative

I first worked for Ronda as a painter and a bricklayer! That was during the vacations while I was a student in Italy. When I graduated, love brought me back to Switzerland. And, as I knew Ronda and had good memories of my time here, I started working here again. That was in 1980. I’ve been in the Punching unit ever since – initially on the singlestage operation machine, and later on the multistage operation machine.

Some 25 years ago now I started making prototypes for sample new watches. It’s very demanding work: unlike our production machines, the machines we use to make our sample components are manually operated. It’s all a matter of trying something out, measuring it and making the appropriate adjustments. Then, when everything’s right, the sample gets put into production. That sample has to be perfect in every respect: otherwise you’ll hit huge problems when you come to produce.

What I really like here is that our team is so international. My closest colleague is a Tamil.

Manuela Allegretti
Invoicing & Salary Accounting Officer

I was totally taken by the ad for an Invoicing Officer that I saw in the paper and applied immediately for the job.

The team really made me welcome and I soon felt part of it. And that made it so much easier to familiarize myself with all the various tasks.

With my commercial training and qualifications, I also assist in our Salary Accounting office, where I’m responsible for the workhours recording, in addition to my prime invoicing duties. I like the fact that my work is so varied, and I really enjoy working with so many different people in so many areas.

Ronda provides a working environment that’s simply right for me. And as well as the good collaborations, I also feel that my work is genuinely appreciated.

Patric König,
Company technician

During my former employment in the area of telematics, where I worked as an external service provider, I came into contact with my predecessor at Ronda. The diversity of the job impressed me and was exactly what I had always wanted to do.
Not least, I was tempted by the short commute. For the last nine years I have been working at Ronda as company technician responsible for the technical coordination of the buildings. In other words, I am responsible for coordinating the external companies that carry out various renovations at our company, and I also manage various internal building projects. During the construction of the Baselworld booth, I work together with our external stand builder on the spot.

The technical team is an independent internal service provider comprising seven people, who take care of electricals, sanitation, refrigeration engineering, gardening and vehicle repairs. It is very pleasant to work at Ronda, which despite its size, has a family atmosphere. Close lines of communication makes the work easier and allow people to bring their own ideas to the table.

Nelly Kaderli,
Plating Operative

I joined Ronda back in 1990. I started out in Machining, and then I moved to Plating. This is where we give nickel or gold coatings to components that can be anything from two millimetres to seven centimetres in size, to stop them from corroding. With the equipment we have, each one of us can plate tens of thousands of parts every day.

I’m also responsible for permanently checking the quality of the coatings we provide. These have to be uniformly applied if the part is to function properly. For our high-end components the visual side is important, too. So here I conduct scratch tests to see if the coating is adequately strong.

Our unit uses acids and other chemicals, so the safety precautions here are very important. We’re not only thoroughly trained in how to handle all these materials; we wear special protective clothing, too. 

My work in our Plating unit is far from trivial. There are always new challenges to meet when a problem occurs that just has to be resolved. 

Ronda gives me a safe workplace and a job I really enjoy. And, having been here for so many years, I feel a strong identification with the company, too.

Julia Weisskopf,
Trainee Commercial Officer

I chose Ronda for my commercial training because of the variety that a manufacturing company has to offer. And as early as my “taster” week I felt how much I enjoyed the production and the whole atmosphere here. It was a new world for me!  

I like working here, and learning so much. Everyone takes the time to explain how things work and fit together. Ronda’s training is very well structured, too. First you spend some time in Procurement, where you learn all about what happens at the start of a watch’s manufacture. Then you move on to Marketing and Product Sales. And in my final training year I’ll get an insight into the financial and accounting world. 

Another real highlight for me has been the Baselworld global watch trade show. The atmosphere is amazing. Ronda is just a small part of the whole show. But even the size of the Ronda stand and the number of visitors it attracts are truly impressive.

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